illiad2Confirmations of the existence of dark matter, dark energy and the accelerating universe have altered the tenor of physical cosmology. Expanding matrix theory has since 1984 predicted an accelerating universe more or less as it appears with some remarkable parallel correlations related to the more recently discovered values for dark matter and dark energy, see; WMAP.

Gravitational Waves

Gravitational waves have garnered much attention recently, being headlined as “ripples in the fabric of spacetime”. The significance of this is the confirmation that spacetime itself is a physically ductile field property of reality. If one accepts this as fact, and applies a bit more rational thought to the matter, they should draw the conclusion that visual perspective must be a manifestation of some aspect of this same “spacetime”. But how…?

Go directly to core proofs for the theory, by reading the pages: “Spatial Perspective and the Arrow of Time”, and; “Visual Perspective and the Curving of Straight Lines”.


Key elements of expanding matrix theory were originally conceived under the heading of “dynamic asymmetry”. Both names could be applicable as a descriptive title but I settled on “expanding matrix theory” because it brings readers to a quicker realization of what the theory is about. In fact as the reader might discern from the term “expanding matrix”, that the concept of an accelerating universe is a natural progression of the intrinsic logic upon which the theory is based.


Emergence is a philosophical precept that has been around for some time, often under different names. It is now however, gaining ground among many scientists as a basis for critical thought regarding the origin of the physical world. In some of its most extreme variations, it questions the idea of forces as being absolutes. Emergence develops the suggestion that the universe is always emerging via some unknown connection between all its constituents. That is to say; “happening”, as a prerequisite of its fundamental nature, origin and the ongoing existence of all components. Expanding matrix theory could be classified as a emergent theory, with an additional component of ongoing change that is not evident in conventional descriptions. This additional component is based in the simple axiom; that the universe at one time did not exist…but now it does…so some integral quality is causing such! A succinct summation  of this fact would be to say that “Everything has come into existence…so coming into existence is probably the cosmic prime directive”.

I have recently come to appreciate that this version of emergence may perhaps be the most compelling characteristic of expanding matrix theory, in that the theory already embodies that concept without having to splice it in or integrate it as an afterthought. One might concur that the very notion of our universe as an expanding matrix exemplifies the concept of emergence. A study of Visual Perspective within the context of EMT is a good basis for cultivating such appreciation.

A fundamental hypothesis for the origins of the expanding matrix can be found under the heading: Space(s) and Time in EMT. As you delve deeper into the theory, I am confident you will come to appreciate how the quantum world and reality may emerge from such a single over-arching quality of the macro-system.

The essence of the theory that states; if “everything in the universe has come into existence”, then “coming into existence” must represent some fundamental dynamic truth about the origin of everything and that there would be no reason to assume that such a quality should have ceased to exist. Without such, both you and I existing in this universe would make no sense. This principal is always operating in the background and is readily discernible via visual and spatial perspective.

Expanding Matrix Theory is a Theory About Space

How does an artist end up creating a physics theory about empty space? It was not a deliberate pursuit on my part. As a young artist, I discerned that I was a more natural sculptor than a painter. However, I found the phenomenon of visual perspective intriguing. The distortions that space imposes on any object immersed in it were always an amazing mystery to me and I found myself drawn towards painting and two-dimensional interpretations of three-dimensional space. I had few inklings about the cause but a series of articles regarding Einstein’s theory of relativity put me on the track to thinking of space as a dynamic energy field. He described space-time as the gravitational field. This struck a note with me, as by this time I’d become convinced that some dynamic element was at work via visual perspective. One of these same articles mentioned his belief that all physics could be reduced down to a single unified theory. Painting pictures day after day, year after year, kept these issues front and foremost in my mind as I tried to create boundaries of logic around the questions created regarding empty space. Conclusions often led to dead-ends, or just “hung in the air”. Some however, turned out later to have merit when I revisited them after developing the fundamentals of EMT. I have never considered myself to be much of a mathematician but the little math which I have felt obligated to apply has proven flawless in supporting the theory. I now feel confident I understand the mysteries of what both space and visual perspective are and that such provide basis for what the rest of physical reality is.

Artists, Physicists, Space and Reality

balls-sl2As the reader will now have discerned, a large part of this treatise is about empty space. Most people find the idea of conducting a study of empty space a bit bewildering. Apart from mystics and madmen, the only people who profess any interest in it are physicists and artists. Physicists are interested in space because those forces that  govern reality, are assumed to propagate through space. According to Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity, an entity embodying both space and time exists for us as the gravitational field (see: Einstein’s Theory). Therefore, acknowledging the physical nature of space is integral to understanding physics.

Visual artists (sculptors, painters and draftsmen) on the other hand have their own reasons for studying space. These usually have nothing to do with those reasons physicists are preoccupied with space. Painters (draftsmen, graphic artists included) and sculptors have an interest in the form of objects as they exist in space. Their interest is usually filtered through the human senses within the context of aesthetics. The sculptor’s interest is tactile but often using space around their creations as amplifiers of effects, whereas the painter and draughtsman is primarily interested first, in how three-dimensional space can be interpreted in two dimensions and second, how to embed this interpretation in the most pleasing way onto a two dimensional surface.

I encourage the reader to to give their most careful consideration to the pages entitled: “Spatial Perspective and the Arrow of Time” and “Visual Perspective and the Curving of Straight Lines”. Succinctly delineating these issues presents a formidable task in that most people have never even considered them nor noticed the ambiguities regarding visual perspective. So I am tasked with first showing the reader that issues do exist, then with explaining their solution. This transition has always been difficult for me. The pivotal elements for the entire theory are embodied within this scope, so I hope the reader will persist in trying to grasp what is being explained and hold on to the idea that those mysterious “perspective curvatures” can only exist, because we exist in an expanding matrix and that once the mathematics is applied as a  function of time, the curvatures AND visual perspective become fathomable.

Writing about Reality Vs Actuality

The main area of difficulty in preparing this work, has been to extract ambiguities from the text. Much of this problem has centered around two terminologies that need to be used extensively; reality and actuality. These are commonly viewed as synonyms, however in this treatise, they have parallel but different meanings to the point that some elements found within the envelope of each category may appear at times as antonyms.

The focus of EMT is to dismantle reality, then reconstruct it in order to reveal how and why it appears the way it does. This peek behind the surface manifestation of reality is referred to here as the actuality. “Reality” is what the audience (us) sees, the “actuality” is what the stagehands see. From the point of view of EMT, visual reality is an illusion delivered to us by light…but I’m quick to point out that it’s a real illusion. That is to say, all forces and observations function as they should according to the fact that we also are a real part of that same reality. I say it this way not because I have doubts that we really exist (I don’t believe we are illusions), but because our existence hinges upon the transformations of dynamic energy within a wave front we know as time. The gist is that we, along with everything else in the universe fluctuate…then re-exist with every micro-oscillation of the matrix-field. The passing of the moment is proof that this wave front is still moving forward (and always will).

Total energy is so immense and moving so fast, it is difficult to fathom the degree of order it maintains. What is perhaps even more amazing is the formation of what appears to be solid matter and space within this matrix (the matter is truly solid and the space really seems to be there). The dichotomy of EMT is that while it seems at first glance to advocate a wild, unrestrained explosion of energy that portends a precarious existence for our universe, once one understands it, a constant, enduring cosmos emerges that is far more stable than what is perceived within any other prevailing or traditional theory.

Another unique quality of EMT is that it produces an unequivocal arrow of time. This has been a much-debated topic for decades in both physical cosmology and quantum theory. EMT produces a clean, concise identity for the arrow that infers non-reversibility. It’s this same quality that makes it move both outwards as expansion, as well as inwards in the form of a dampening, back-pressure that has significance regarding the question of entropy.

At the level of physical cosmology, the laws of gravity appear as well as the manifestations of dark energy and dark matter. see: physical cosmology

Creating this Review Area

Another challenge in creating this site has been in deciding which information to highlight first and the order in which to present it. The ideal would be to have two separate areas, one for academics and one for the general public, however because it represents such a new and esoteric approach to the subject, I came to realize that many academics would avoid it by personal choice or simply because of those time constraints that confine people to their daily routine. And…in order to bridge EMT to each of these narrowly specialized areas, I would have to be competent in all disciplines of physics, which I am not. I’ve also come to realize that physics is not as homogeneous a system of beliefs as I had one time assumed but is dominated by a broad range of opinion and philosophies. This made the decision easy for me. It helped me appreciate that my grasp of EMT is unique and that as an overarching theory, does not really conflict with any existing theories except in details which are often already in contention.

About the Material Presented Here

Most of what is presented here are re-edits (improvements) of papers written since 1984, often under different titles. One of the really powerful functions that the Internet presents as an information tool is the facility of re-editing. To this end, I am retaining the option to re-edit the pages and articles herein for the purposes of accuracy and clarity. Towards this end, I encourage all to express any difficulties in comprehension with specific parts or expressions used. If you think I have misrepresented any external information, please present your corrections.

Surface; The Origin of Our Reality

The area of greatest complexity starts at what we perceive as surface reality and proceeds inwards to the quantum system and outwards into physical cosmology. Surface-reality is the epicenter of our sense of being and our world emanates outwards from there. We as physical, sentient beings tend to prefer keeping our reality at arm’s length. When something touches our eyeball, we tend to get squeamish and push it away. (As the reader begins to perceive what this means within the context of the theory, he will be over the hump in understanding a critical part).

Future of Expanding Matrix Theory

Among those academics, of whom I’ve had the opportunity to thoroughly explain the internal logic leading up to the stated conclusions, all have agreed that the logic is sound. Reasons for not supporting the theory have fallen into two categories. First, that it is not their area of expertise, which of course it won’t be because it is a new theory with few roots in any current theories. Second, because there is a scarcity of math to bridge it with current theories. This is true with notable exceptions of those parts relating to visual (spatial) perspective and the WMAP data. Third, is that the nature of the study requires crossing over into a quasi-metaphysical realm. This should not represent a problem for any serious physicist these days, when new and perplexing discoveries are forcing even the most reserved scientists to venture into new realms of thought. As the reader will discern though, I have not ventured into any area that does not have a solid basis in pure logic. However, there is one region of thought in the treatise where  two avenues of logic both work and I find myself forced to choose one of them, even though they seem at odds with one another. They turn out to be mirror images and I find myself vacillating as to which image is true. I won’t elaborate now, because I can perceive future volumes being written on this quandary.

A large part of the premise of EMT looks at the origin of gravity. In doing so, a model has emerged that is different from existing theories. This is reviewed under the chapter entitled “Gravity Simulation” and will be considered in more depth in future articles. Because the theory requires a slight shift in the view of what gravitation is, a practical example of how we might look at our own Earth – Moon – Sun orbital geometry is given a purview in “Hidden Orbital Configurations”.

So far attempts to move EMT towards mainstream physics have been disappointing but that is to be expected. With the exception of relativity, few major changes in thought have ever transitioned to general acceptance quickly. Few people are aware of any transformation space as herein described. Apart from the obvious controversial elements of the theory, the fact that it flies in the face of a popular view that time does not truly exist (to the inclusion of space), means EMT will have its problems. There are however, some positive developments in this area, in that some theorists are now calling into question the exclusion of time as a quality of physical reality.

I am confident though that once some of the early hurdles are overcome, the point of view will emerge as to why the concept of an expanding matrix wasn’t embraced earlier. Trying to exercise patience, I have since 1984 been submitting papers on different elements of the theory for the purpose of documenting authorship.

What Else to Do?

One can see several lifetimes of work involved in sorting the details out. I suspect however, that an army of theorists working on quantum theory over the past century has already sorted out most of what needs to be done in the language of quantum theory. It will be left, to bridge it with EMT.

Need for a Glossary

New avenues of thought alter the meanings of existing words and hence necessitate caveats to these meanings, or the production of new expressions in order to promote comprehension. Terminologies particularly difficult to pin down are those where conventional word-meanings must be changed to fit the new paradigm. Although I hope most terms are self-explanatory within their respective contexts, it seems sensible that a glossary of standard and newly coined terminologies should eventually be created.

Thank you.

The Author



3 thoughts on “Preface

  1. Fasinated to read about your EMT theory. Recently I have been working on a somewhat simular theory and untill now thought that it was some what unique. There are likely quite large differences once you get to the details, however there is much common ground. I include some ideas that I put together recently. These are incomplete and represent my first attempt to form my thoughts on paper,

    Dear reader “What If”, what if there was no Big Bang event to create our universe, “What If” there is a structure to what we call empty space and that if that structure dictates how some of our most important physic laws behave. What if our universe and the space that forms it is a woven lattice created by multiple events that the unfolding of continues to this very day. What if the weave of this pattern is not universal, that different weaves exist throughout the universe and that these differing weaves allow differing physical laws.
    This hypothesis redesigns our concept of the universe and what it is. For something this different there is only one place to start, the beginning (of our universe anyways)

    If there was no Big Bang what happened?
    In the beginning there was, well nothing, absolutely nothing. However there was something at another level of the multi-verse. Black or Grey Holes that exist in other levels of the multi-verse may be the things that first gave structure, shape & energy to our universe. The question is whether, in the center (singularity) of a black hole, it does something special that is, change quantum states in a “unitary” way, in which a mixture of states turns into a polarized singular state not just single state with varied orientation nor mixed states with either varied or polarized orientation.
    It sort of goes like this, a black hole, instead of exploding, breaches its own time space structure. The forces that are generated by this black hole are so massive that the very fabric of space that it occupies gives or rips. The black hole having stripped all mass and forces at its singularity down to mass less elementary particles polarises these particles into same charge, orientation & same spin.
    The rip or tear will have its own frequency imparted from the Black Hole centre as will the most basic subatomic particles that are generated within. This frequency will be sympathetic to a part of the multi-verse that is predisposed to the same harmonic vibration or frequency. It will find a resting place at this level, spewing forth the basic building blocks of the new universe cannibalised from its parent universe. From the view of its parent universe it would appear over time to evaporate.
    Now remember I said that the Black Holed had stripped all that it had consumed down to the basic building blocks of mass and force, it had also forced all these sub-particles into same spin, same orientation and frequency. Hence all these particle are the same and do not want to interact with each other, in fact they repel each other and no longer with mass or gravity to force them together they quickly inflate creating dimensional space as they go. Not a lot likely to happen in that scenario, however add another Black Hole ripping its way into this most basics of universe, add another set of sub-particles with differing spin, charge and orientation and interaction and complexity can happen. Do this many more times and a complex system with its own laws and rules must happen.

    So how does this fit in the scientific model of the Universe, known as the Big Bang, “the Universe expanded from an extremely hot, dense phase called the Planck epoch, in which all the matter and energy of the observable universe was concentrated. Since the Planck epoch, the Universe has been expanding to its present form, possibly with a brief period (less than 10−32 seconds) of cosmic inflation. Several independent experimental measurements support this theoretical expansion and, more generally, the Big Bang theory. The universe is composed of ordinary matter (5%) including atoms, stars, and galaxies, dark matter (25%) which is a hypothetical particle that has not yet been detected and dark energy (70%), which is a kind of energy density that seemingly exists even in completely empty space. Recent observations indicate that this expansion is accelerating because of dark energy, and that most of the matter in the Universe may be in a form which cannot be detected by present instruments, called dark matter.
    The common use of the “dark matter” and “dark energy” placeholder names for the unknown entities purported to account for about 95% of the mass-energy density of the Universe demonstrates the present observational and conceptual shortcomings and uncertainties concerning the nature and ultimate fate of the Universe.” Wikipedia’s words not mine.
    Some things just don’t fit in our accepted model of the universe.
    So what does this hypothesis offer that may offer insight to 95% of our universe.
    Note: Sub-particles need a positive negative polarisation fit potential to interact with each other. This is to say that the sub-particle positive negative and Up Down orientation must be close enough to the same plane as to have any attraction to each other; else they can-not form more complex particles.
    Let’s speculate that our universe now has many incursions, all with polarised sub atomic particles radiating out on their own planes and orientation, processing their own spin, up, down, left or right and that many of these planes now intersect. Some of these sub atomic particles will be able to interact with each other IF they are in a similar plane with Compatible orientation. Up and Down could attract each other if their planes are within a certain tolerance, etc for all the other attributes of sub-particles. There now is a possibility of complex particles being formed and with that the building blocks of matter. You could assume there are many planes with interacting orientations, thus with the potential to build mass and have governing laws of physics. The universe contains around %5 of ordinary matter, which means that around %5 of detectable or theorised matter and energy must have been formed from incursions with a similar plane. Dark matter and dark energy, the other largely unexplained portion of our universe comes from incursion with different orientated planes or simular planes with incompatible sub atomic particle orientation. It would be remiss to say that the entire remaining universe exists on just one other plane; rather it is likely that there are many others. If our own plane is average then there is some logic in saying that nineteen other planes may exist, some expanding, some contracting, some left handed and others right handed. There is likely little and some cases no interaction between these planes, thus completely undetectable by us meaning that there could be much, much more to this universe than hypnotised.

    What can be drawn from this.
    The expansion of our observable universe is due to the expansion rate of the dominating weave of space created from black hole incursions from other universes in the multi-verse; this also means that other orientated planes may be contracting. If this is true then it would be logical that most of the expansion happened in the first few moments of the original or dominate incursion when the sameness (polarised one wayness) of the sub atomic particles once released from their parent universe was at its strongest.
    In physics, an inverse-square law is any physical law stating that a specified physical quantity or intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity. In equation form:

    Or in a linear graphic format

    As this law applies to the effects and actions of gravity, light, electric field, radiation & etc it is safe to say that our observable universes dominate weave acts in this manner, and in fact may be the reason why this law exists as it is. In other words the weaves characteristics are observed by us when the above travel its matrix and by doing so must conform to its structure.
    Now there is one other factor to consider in the expansion and ever increasing expansion of our observable universe and that is that the sameness force that every incursion has added at its introduction. In a complex well formed weave matrix, only sub atomic particles within certain parameters of sameness can interact. It is this very sameness that in general adds to the expansion of our observable universe. The repulsive force of same to same may be what we are calling dark energy.
    So we now have Sameness causing expansion with Compatibility creating particles (Some of these sub atomic particles will be able to interact with each other IF they are in a similar plane with compatible orientation. Up and Down could attract each other if their planes are within a certain tolerance, etc for all the other attributes of sub-particles. There now is a possibility of complex particles being formed and with that the building blocks of matter. You could assume there are many planes with interacting orientations, thus with the potential to build mass and have governing laws of physics.) What else
    1. Gravity or the force that we call gravity being the property of space within the orbit of an electron in the presence of complex sub particles being reversed by the orbiting electrons charge. Or if you wish instead of the fabric of space expanding due to its same charge, spin and orientation the space inside the electrons orbit attracts the Sameness of the Weave matrix, compressing the structure of space in its vicinity and creating gravity wells. Thus there is no real gravity waves, rather what we perceive as gravity is a simplistic reaction within our weave of space dependant on its relevant location to complex particles and vicinity of orbiting electrons. The more space or weave matrix inside the orbit of an electron within close proximity of each other not only produces the minor force that holds mass together but also produces greater and greater compression of the weave matrix or to say a deeper gravity well.

    The weave of space travels at C (and always getting just a little bit faster) and in most cases rarely interacts directly with the more complex particles unless closes enough for the above gravity affect. However they act like a wave for photons to grab a ride on and are the reason why light has no resting speed and no acceleration, like a surfer grabbing a wave they immediately assume the speed of the wave they have just jumped on. In a complex well formed weave matrix, even though many orientations and planes do not interact at the mass level the weave matrix is everywhere. Being Compatible or not the many different Planes and Orientations are part of the Weave Matrix and by being so offer a wave for any photon to surf dependant on the photons directional potential.

    1. This may also explain why light seems to bend around massive objects.
    2. May explain what the other 95% (Or more) of our universe could be.
    3. What happens to black holes of a certain nature and how they may seemingly evaporate?
    4. The structure of the multi-verse, the nature of each universe within it and the relationships among the various constituent galaxies, depend on the specific interaction between varied number of black hole incursions and the interaction between their orientation’s and plane’s.

    Alfred Stone 24/12/2014

    • Hi Alf:
      Thanks for your comments.
      I’ll keep your information on file and when I open a blog, I’ll include you on it and send you a notice. (The blog isn’t a priority, so it may be awhile).

  2. closses point to explain the origent of energy,is the function evolution of the two fieldt states. Of the cosmic vacuum and Time,evolving a geometry.Couse it has to have a engine body to operate in ,(containt).

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